RESOLVED: Network Intermittence - Back-end private network disruptions




  • BeMo Customer Service Admin
    • As of Wednesday 02-Apr-2014 12:42 UTC

    Network Engineers have identified the trouble as a broadcast storm coming into the router from behind the aggregate switch and have isolated that switch and the server rows behind it temporarily.  This has resulted in mitigating the communications disruption for many other servers.  We are continuing to investigate what is the network trouble behind the switch so it can be corrected and the switch can be brought back online.

  • BeMo Customer Service Admin
    • As of Wednesday 02-Apr-2014 13:30 UTC

    Network engineers have determined the issue was caused by faulty operations of the secondary member of the switch.  That switch has been isolated from the network at this time, and normal back-end customer connectivity has been restored.  Network engineers will be determining a future course of action to restore full redundancy without causing any further disruption to customer traffic.  As of 02-Apr-2014 13:30 UTC all normal customer communications has been re-established.

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